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Why Coaching?

Nobody needs a coach. We could all go through life experiencing joy and success without a coach. Much like someone can run without a coach or enjoy playing basketball without a coach or have a beautiful singing voice and have people enjoy listening to you without a coach. But when talented singers and athletes are ready to access levels beyond their talent or experience, they work with a coach. A life coach is not required to live a good life. But if you find yourself chasing a vision of achievement, growth, and self-actualization that you've never had before, you may want to consider partnering with a coach.

Life coaches aren't experts on life. We're all living this thang and doing our best. And having lived your own life, you are the only expert there. But being so familiar with your own life can also create blind spots, stories and perceptions that start to feel a whole lot like facts and can even congeal and solidify into blocks, walls, and limits. Life coaches are students of being, with an ontological curiosity about people. We examine how we exist in our inner world and in relationship with our outer world. This curiosity paired with the foundational belief that our clients are complete, whole, and capable allows coaches to reflect back to clients the thought patterns and behaviors that are holding them back. Our goal is to help clients get out of their own way and create a new sense of self-awareness around things they may have never noticed before.

Ok, so now you're seeing things in a new way. What's next? Well, change happens when we combine our new way of thinking with new behavior. You're whole, you're complete, and sometimes you get stuck doing that thing you always do. Your brand new way of looking at things then equips you to make new choices, a coach will support you in creating a new approach and establishing structures to reinforce your new way of being. Change is not always easy and is often uncomfortable. But a good coach will be right there with you, seeing you and your wholeness, keeping you focused on your goals, and will be unmoved by the drama that often comes up when we begin to confront the things that no longer serve us.

Finally, coaches are here to remind you of who you are, who you REALLY are, at your core. You're not the mistakes you make, the times you fall short, your title or rank. You are so much more, and that is who we see and reflect back to you.

Ah, but the most important element to the coaching relationship is the willingness of the client. If you’re considering a life coach, ask yourself these questions. Are you willing to dig deep? Are you willing to look closer? Are you willing to release that thing that used to work but is now in the way? Are you willing to practice a new way? If you find yourself dreaming of new possibilities but you’re not sure how you'll make them happen, then get you a coach!

Stay magical,

Coach Jayme Alilaw

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