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Making Space

Words can’t even begin to describe the hurt, pain and agony that swells within the bellows of our communities as we grieve the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery. Our relationship with this country is toxic. I’ve found that in the last few days I’ve needed space to wrestle with my pain. I encourage and implore you to make some space for yourself. Our hearts shatter every time racism takes the soul of one of our brothers and sisters. It’s tough to fight for justice against a backdrop of hopelessness. Naomi’s Network was created to provide a supportive space for women to recalibrate and recharge and we need it now more than ever. During these difficult times I am reminded of Dr. Pinkney’s motto to B.Well. These are incredibly tough times but know that you don’t need permission to…

BE furious,

BE frustrated,

BE hopeful,

BE encouraged,

BE vocal,

BE silent,

BE reflective,

BE purposeful,

BE in protest,

BE about the work,

BE whatever it is YOU need to BE.

The path to justice is long and hard. May we always choose the optimism of our own will over the pessimism of the intellect. Let’s all take a moment to prepare ourselves for the work that is upon us. For additional tools and resources check out @Therapyforblackgirls and @Yardofgreatness on Instagram.

Love and Light to you,

Dr. Treadwell

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